Preparation of Feasibility Study for Akbarpur – Jaunpur – Mirzapur – Dudhi Road (SH-5) in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Project Details


Client:Uttar Pradesh State Highways Authority

Duration: 5 years

Cost:16875 million

Project Description

The Government of Uttar Pradesh through Uttar Pradesh State Highway Authority (UPSHA) has undertaken the services of Consultantsto determine the suitability & feasibility of PPP transactions and to implement it on DBFTO basis through a Private Concessionaire.Akbarpur-Jaunpur-Mirzapur-Duddhi Marg (SH-5) lies in Eastern part of UP and its length is 237.16 Km. (4-lane – 193.60 Km.; 2-lane – 43.56 Km.). The objective of the Project Consultancy is to establish the technical, economical and financial viability and to prepare DPR for rehabilitation and up-gradation of the existing to 2/4 lane with paved shoulder configuration. The road alignment passes through plain terrain & agricultural fields. Major Bridge - 5 nos. (147.50 m; 147.50 m; 125.50 m; 988 m; 71 m) Bypass - 4 nos. (Shahganj-12.565 Km.; Kheta Sarai-5.070 Km.; Jaunpur-12.640 Km.; Mirzapur-22.010 Km.) Flyover - 3 nos. (698 m; 690 m; 692 m) ROB - 6 nos. (804 m; 804 m; 686 m; 834 m; 804 m; 351 m)