"Consultancy Services for Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Development of Rishdeo – Salumber Road highway. (Length- 70.0 km. 2 lane)"


Project Details


Client:Rajasthan State Road Development and Construction Corporation Ltd., Jaipur

Duration: 2 months

Cost:1159.0 million

Project Description

Preparation of the DPR, assessment of existing condition of roads, Traffic studies and analysis and assessment of the existing & Project traffic volume and to study technical feasibility and financial viability of the Project. Preparation of Detailed Project report involves in detailed reconnaissance and preliminary assessment of road, condition assessment of existing culverts/ bridges, collecting data for assessing past traffic pattern, Topographical Survey , road Inventory survey, Pavement investigation, traffic studies, Traffic forecast etc., environmental and social impact assessment study, pavement design, Geometric design, structural design, preparation of BOQ, detailed cost estimates & Project report, Preparation of Qualification documents (RFQ). This includes 1 major bridge (1399.5m) & 16 minor bridges.