"Consultancy services for the preparation of Detailed Report for widening to 2 lane with geometric improvement from Km. 85.00 to 95.00, 101 to Km. 145 of NH- 51 including construction of 2 lane Tura bye-pass -30 Km, and construction of road over bridge of 150 m at 97th Km (Total Length – 84.00 Km.)"


Project Details


Client:NH Public Works Department, Govt. of Meghalaya

Duration: 4 years

Cost:5444.70 million

Project Description

The total length of NH-51 for which DPR for widening to two lane is undertaken is 84.0 km in different sections i.e. Km 85/0 to 95/0, 101/0 to 145/0 and Tura Bypass of 30 km in length. The main objective is to prepare road inventory and proposal for removal of deficiencies and to systematically prioritise the required works for execution. The project involves preliminary surveys, condition survey of roads and bridges/culverts, completion of inventory data, strip plan, traffic survey, identification of road geometry, investigation of existing road crust & redesigning the pavement based on soil conditions, hydrology studies, conducting tests for physical characteristics of soil, determining the need of bypass, selection of best possible route for Bye pass, carry out topographical survey for preparation land plan. Environmental social impact of the Project Resettlement Plan. Environmental & social impact of the project Resettlement Plan.