"Consultancy Services for the preparation of Feasibility Report for Two laning with paved shoulder of Suratgarh-Sriganganagar section Km. 173 to Km. 248 of NH-15. (Length 78.10 km) 2- lane"


Project Details


Client:Public Works Department, Rajasthan

Duration: 16 Months

Cost:2240.30 million

Project Description

Govt. of Rajasthan has taken a massive programme of upgradation & development of existing single / two lane National Highway with paved shoulders Suratgarh - Sriganganagar is a part length of NH-15. Which is selected for upgradation. The objective is to prepare Feasibility Report for rehabilitation & upgrading of existing two lenes with paves shoulders carriageway. NH-15 passes through the northern part of Rajasthan. NH-15 connects Kandla part (Gujarat) to Pathankot. It has a length of 1526 km in total. The project length is 78.10 km and there exist one major bridge of (2 x 30) m and six nos. of minor bridges details are (3x7.50)m, (2x7m), (3x8.15)m, (5x6.20)m, (2x6.10)m and (5x7.10)m. the exist 4 legged road junctions. Total traffic on this road is above 37,571 Pew of 237/200 Km.